At Dental South we always try to make the dental visit a positive and fun experience for your child.  We believe a dental visit should be regarded as a “health” visit where our team uses our expertise to contribute to your child’s overall wellbeing.  Sometimes it can be easy to assume that if your child has all of their teeth and report no problems that they do not need to come to the dentist.  However, it is not only the teeth that are being assessed.   During your child’s dental check-up we assess the face, mouth, bite, gums, teeth, oral hygiene habits, risk of decay, and nutrition.  We also take a detailed medical history so that we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your child.  Getting your child into a good dental attendance pattern is crucial for preventing dental issues in the future.

Come along and meet our friendly team.  We look forward to looking after your child’s oral health now and in the future.