Tasmanian Australians of the Year 2018 recipients and honorary Australian of the Year’ 2018 recipients from ACT Dr Graham Farquhar (Overall Senior Australian of the Year) and Dion Devow (ACT Australian of the Year) toured Tassie from the North West to the South visiting Primary schools, high schools and community centres from 28th of May to the 1st of June.  They shared their stories and were inspirational to many Tasmanians around the state.

They visited Windermere Primary School, UTAS, Moonah Primary School, Bellerive Primary School, New Norfolk High School, Smithton Primary school, Wynyard High School.

It was great to see how involved schools were with their garden and kitchen programs.  Moonah Primary School, with just over 220 students, were setting the bar particularly high with their 24 Carrots project, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Demonstration School for Tasmania and new canteen that is nearly finished being built which will offer fresh cooked food to the children from their own garden!  The Moonah Primary School principal and onsite gardener are dedicated to teaching their students how to grow their own food, cook it and even incorporate science and other main-stream subjects into the joy of gardening.  Dr Jess’ tour guides reported that their favourite part of the garden was the “Chop and chat” station; a place where left over fruit/vegetable scraps are chopped up ready for composting by the students. Many other schools have followed in Moonah’s footsteps with a 24 Carrot garden and MONA sources sponsorship for each school and provides funding to employ a garden and kitchen specialist for those schools.

The school is looking for funding and appropriate donations for their kitchen.  Make contact with them!

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