Dental South is a family practice with a convenient location in Margate. Our clinic is accredited under QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) to ensure we maintain the highest standards in providing the best dental care for our pa tients. The clinic was established by the principal dentist, Dr Jessica Manuela, who is a Tasmanian born woman and Kingborough local. On completion of her dental degree at the University of Adelaide she wanted to create a space for all patients which would change their perception of dentistry. Despite massive improvements in dentistry, dental fear is still strong. Dr Manuela has been driven by this widespread dental angst to create a clinic where the main focus is to provide high quality dental care in a comfortable environment. Simple.

At Dental South, the experience from when you walk in the door until when you leave defies many conventional clinics and has a small community, personable and local touch. We welcome all patients no matter what your dental history is. The team at Dental South are passionate about respecting the impacts oral health has on the body as a whole and enjoy building relationships that support you in your dental journey, now and throughout your life.

Our Philosophy

We treat everyone with kindness and respect. Like you are a family member or friend and without judgement. Our goal is to welcome you to our dental family and help you make optimal oral health a lifestyle.