Dr Prabin Baral


Dr Prabin Baral graduated in Nepal in 2011 where he practiced general dentistry for four years. He has a
passion for providing care to the disadvantaged and started his own dental clinic in a rural area of Nepal
before moving to Australia to further his studies. He also has a graduate diploma in Health Science and
an MBA under his belt. To pursue his passion for dentistry in Australia, he undertook the intense
Australian Dental Council Exam which he successfully passed with flying colours in 2021.

He has a strong belief that treatment alone will not help his patients and consequently likes to formulate
strategies with the patient at their pace, considering that every person is different. He aims to improve
not only oral health but the overall well-being of every patient. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry but
particularly likes root canal therapy, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and periodontics. Prabin likes to
keep himself updated with the latest dental technology and procedures through continued professional
development and research papers.

Besides being a passionate dentist, Prabin loves playing soccer and cricket, and enjoys communicating
with kids in sophisticated baby language which is practiced regularly at home with his new baby son,
Elvin. While in Nepal, his love for hiking has taken him up to 4500 meters high in the mountains, but he
has not climbed Everest…yet.