Services We Offer

Paediatric Dentistry

At Dental South we always try to make the dental visit a positive and fun experience for your child.  We believe a dental visit should be regarded as a “health” visit where our team uses our expertise to contribute to your child’s overall wellbeing

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Periodontal Care

Periodontal care means taking care of your gums and the bone that surround your teeth.  Periodontal disease can occur in the form of gingivitis (bleeding gums) and even worse periodontitis (loss of bone around your teeth) which can be a painful process w

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General Restorative Treatment

During your dental check-up a thorough assessment of your oral health will be done including any cavities that may be present.  You will be advised of teeth that may require attention and given a treatment plan.  It is always better to restore small cav

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Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes root canal therapy is needed when the nerve in the tooth is in the process of dying or is completely necrotic.  Teeth that have a “dead” or “dying” nerve in them can cause great pain because the next stage is a dental abscess.  A denta

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Meet Our Team

Dentist: Dr. Jess Manuela

Dr Jess Manuela was born in Tasmania and has grown up in the Kingston area until she moved to Adelai

Business Manager: Karen

Karen lives locally in beautiful Margate and has many years’ experience in hospitality, administra