Services We Offer

Tooth Whitening

Whitening or “bleaching” of your teeth can be done to make your natural teeth look whiter.  With professional tooth whitening this can normally make your teeth a few shades lighter with our safe and effective bleaching system.  Impressions of your t

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Emergency Treatment

If you are experiencing dental pain and would like to have your concern seen to please contact us to arrange an appointment.  We will try and see you as soon as possible.  If you have experienced a dental trauma (e.g. a tooth knocked out playing sport)

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Orthodontic Assessment

Orthodontics is an area in dentistry which involves correcting the jaw and teeth alignment.  There are many cause of “crooked” teeth and this could be from thumb-sucking, hereditary conditions, limited space or from a trauma.  There are different ag

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic anterior restorations are a great option for repairing broken front teeth and restoring your smile.  Utilising a resin bonded technique we can use our artistic flare to make teeth appear whiter and straighter.  Restoring someone’s smile is an

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Meet Our Team

Dentist: Dr. Jess Manuela

Dr Jess Manuela was born in Tasmania and has grown up in the Kingston area until she moved to Adelai

Business Manager: Karen

Karen lives locally in beautiful Margate and has many years’ experience in hospitality, administra